Episode 11: The Mindset Accelerator

In this week's episode, Erik and Brandon talk about the anchor that ties the entire Beanie & Blazer methodology together. Whether you're aware of them or not, your values impact your decisions and relationships every day. In this episode, we show you how to become more aware of your values and offer new perspectives on how you can live more richly and authentically.


In season 2 of Beanie & Blazer Radio, the show takes on a new format. Your familiar host, Erik Horbacz, will be interviewing the creators of Beanie & Blazer’s Mindset Accelerator program. Through a combination of research, experience, and experimentation, we’ve arrived at some fantastic lifestyle engineering techniques that we’ve baked into our programming. In each episode, we’ll unpack the bleeding edge concepts, models, and frameworks that make the Mindset Accelerator so valuable. Throughout the next eight episodes of the show, you’ll hear from: 

Brandon Walker – Founder & CEO @ Beanie & Blazer

Juddy Arnold – Founder & CEO @ Insight Profiling

Dr. Mark Gudagnoli – Professor of Neuroscience @ UNLV School of Medicine

Show Notes

Show Notes
3:55 Why goal-setting gets a bad reputation
8:10 Why people fail to achieve their goals
11:35 Difference between dreams and goals
17:20 COVID, goal-setting, professional sports
23:15 Boundaries & values
28:38 Boundaries & anti-values
34:05 How we get our subconscious values
39:30 Breaking from the American Dream 

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