Episode 20: Dr. Keith Waggoner

Dr. Waggoner is a badass psychologist, life-coach, and a real-life Ninja.
Dr. Keith Waggoner

Beanie & Blazer Radio is back for its third season with host Erik Horbacz and special guest, Dr. Keith Waggoner. Dr. Waggoner is a badass psychologist, life-coach, and a real-life Ninja.

In this episode, we explore what martial arts can teach us about relationships, what essential human experiences we are missing out on when we Zoom, and the power of curating your Tribe around morals and principles.

Seriously, we love this episode – Dr. Waggoner is definitely speaking our language! Enjoy!

More about Dr. Waggoner:

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At Beanie & Blazer, we use science, philosophy, and action to help restless people evolve with intent. We transform people from restless to relentless.

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