Episode 2: Challenge/Skill Balance

In this episode, Brandon & Erik unpack the best mental model they’ve discovered for how to push your comfort zone. Coined in 1990 by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the C/S Balance describes the ratio between the difficulty of a project and a person’s ability to perform the tasks required to successfully complete the project. Learn how to optimize your C/S Balance, how Brandon abused the ratio, and how to stop procrastinating.

Show Notes

6:34 Flow states and Zero to Dangerous

10:05 Brandon @ Draper University

10:30 Persistence opens doors for new opportunities

12:10 How to start and scale a team

14:03 The Challenge/Skill Balance explained

18:50 Learning in real-time and whether to ask for help

20:31 Learning by doing is the fastest way to an education

28:06 Self-judgement and permission

35:40 Brandon’s dirt biking trip in Mexico

45:29 Risk vs. reward in decision-making

48:18 Erik’s sensory deprivation @ Biocybernaut

56:41 Pushing your comfort zone for the sake of learning

56:53 The Weekly Challenge


Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi



Abundance 360

Beanie & Blazer

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