Our Methodology

We’ve got the secret sauce. Our methodology is battle-tested across thousands of high performers in dozens of companies and college classrooms across the country. We call our process Lifestyle Engineering.

Before Calibrating Your
Personal Compass

The cornerstone of our curriculum is Core Personal Values. The first stage in the Lifestyle Engineering journey is CALIBRATION. We help you identify the values and anti-values that make up your beliefs, life outlook, and habits.

After Calibrating Your
Personal Compass

Once your Personal Compass is calibrated, we set to work redefining your self-identity and definition of success through your Core Personal Values. This sets the vision for the rest of your journey toward super-performance.

Elements of Success

Core Personal Values are the foundation upon which you build your future, but without developing in the following four categories, success will be fleeting.


“Mindset” isn’t a fluffy buzzword. It’s a series of beliefs, mantras, and processes that help you elevate to new heights and prevent you from self-sabotaging.


92% of people never accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions. This is due to a lack of values, poorly defined goals, and inconsistent discipline. We fixed that.


Recovery is the mechanism that allows you to safely stretch your body, mind, heart, and spirit beyond your comfort zone. This is where all the learning and fun happens.


The people you surround yourself with can be your biggest asset or biggest liability. We believe in curating your tribe to accelerate your evolution.