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The Mindset Accelerator

In just 6 weeks, we’ll turn you into a Super-Performer.

– Overcome the voice in your head that holds you back

– Clarify your life’s purpose with pristine accuracy

– Redefine your sense of Self

– Systemize and accomplish massive goals

– Build a tribe of brilliant mentors and supporters

Are you ready to enter the arena?

Student Success Stories

Actions speak louder than words. See what we’ve done for our alumni.

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Janelle Imbriale

Founder, Wholistically You

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Gideon Amelkin

Founder, Cap Marketing Group

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Mandy Fichera

Social Media Creator

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Moe Holmes

Founder, God Vzn Records

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Corey Pearson

Associate Sales Director, Privia Health

This program is for you if...

– You’re at an important inflection point in your life. Perhaps you want to change careers, are recently married, or are expecting a child. In any situation, we help people thrive in the midst of change.

– You feel stuck in your routines, habits, and mindset. You know you need to make a change but can’t figure out where to start. 

– You’re dissatisfied with how your life is going. You woke up one day and realized you’ve been living someone else’s life, and you want to begin living for yourself. 

– Your calendar is a mess and you can’t seem to get ahold of a 24-hour period. You want to get organized so you can maximize your time on earth. 

– You want to become an insanely strong performer and producer at work and in life. Being average doesn’t sit well with you. 

– You want to be surrounded by excellent people doing incredible things. Your current social circle doesn’t get the new you. 

The 6-Week Program

We’ve engineered the perfect curriculum to help you engineer the lifestyle you crave.

The Takeaways


The Structure


Units of Content


Pre-Recorded Trainings


One-on-One Coaching Sessions


Downloadable Workpapers


Office Hours


Open Q&As

Your Coaches

We’re here to train you. Are you ready?

Dr. Mark Gudagnoli

Professor of Neuroscience
UNLV School of Medicine

Brandon Walker

Founder & CEO
Beanie & Blazer

Juddy Arnold

Founder & CEO
Insight Profiling

Kind Words From Our Alumni

"The idea of balance really gave me a mind-shattering moment. I’ve always viewed balance as the ability to get the proper amount of all the ‘right’ things into my day each day. Almost viewing life as a well balanced meal. However, the idea that it is actually proper self-awareness coupled with emotional and directional control opens up an entire new frame of mind for me... this one idea was definitely worth the price of admission for me!”
- Mindset Accelerator Graduate
”We’re meant for joy. Resistance to it is one of the most common ways we disconnect from ourselves. Lifestyle engineering is about coloring the world with your own paint; not simply admiring the world other people have painted around you.”

This resonated with me a lot. I’ve historically approached my journey through the lens of ‘what are others doing?...where can I fit here?’ But giving myself the permission to mix my own paints and make my own mark for the sole purpose of tapping into true joy...that’s a really empowering idea. Thank you, Juddy!”
- Mindset Accelerator Graduate