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Episode 4: Burn Out

In this episode, Erik and Brandon bring light to burn-out. Burn-out is the sneaky feeling of exhaustion, frustration, and unhappiness that builds up after long

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Episode 3: Sleep

In this episode, Brandon & Erik are sleep-talking. Sleep is absolutely non-negotiable for people who want to experience success and longevity, so why is it

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Episode 1: Boundaries

In the first episode of Beanie & Blazer Radio, Brandon and Erik go deep on boundaries. Setting and maintaining strong boundaries is critical on the

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Performance Fundamentals

“From Restless to Relentless: A 7-day methodology that will help you identify your life’s purpose and give you the tools to pursue it wholeheartedly.”

This is for those who have never lived by the beat of another person’s drum. For those who always wanted to do something special in the world, but haven’t been able to put their finger on it or put it into action. This eBook will help you define your purpose and live by your own definition of success.