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Episode 23: Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas (@movingwithmatt) is an athlete as well as the founder of Brawl for a cause, Fight and Flow, a partner at Wellness, and an international chess-boxing competitor (yes, that’s a real sport!).

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Episode 22: Candice Mama

Candice Mama’s work in forgiveness, reconciliation, and trauma began after her story of forgiving the apartheid assassin and her father’s murderer, Eugene De Kock, made international news.

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Episode 21: Dr. James Hardt

Our guest on this week’s episode is Dr. James Hardt. Dr. Hardt knows a lot about the brain and has spent most of his life studying its mysteries. For over 40 years Dr. Hardt has spearheaded the research and development of advanced spiritual states through brain wave training.

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Episode 17: Gamifying your Life

Dr. Mark Guadagnoli introduces a concept called “the Gamification of Life,” a concept that turns life’s challenges into levels, tribe members into game pieces, and milestones into competitors.

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Performance Fundamentals

“From Restless to Relentless: A 7-day methodology that will help you identify your life’s purpose and give you the tools to pursue it wholeheartedly.”

This is for those who have never lived by the beat of another person’s drum. For those who always wanted to do something special in the world, but haven’t been able to put their finger on it or put it into action. This eBook will help you define your purpose and live by your own definition of success.