The Goal Ladder

A goal-setting methodology to help accomplish big objectives with consistency.

Calibrating your Personal Compass

Why knowing your personal values is critical to self-fulfillment I met with a former employee of mine last week to discuss her career aspirations. She’s in a sales role but doesn’t know if she wants to stay in sales long-term. She has a great relationship with her manager but doesn’t see a chance for upward […]

Rigid Flexibility

A Calendar Framework To Keep You Productive & Sane Time is our most precious resource. No matter how badly we want more hours in the day, there’s nothing we can do to stop the inevitable sunset. We’re conditioned to fit as much as possible into a 24-hour span. We juggle priorities like work, family, health […]

Being a Port in a Storm

How to find optimism in trying times 2020 has been the longest year of our lives. No matter who you are, you’ve likely been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Maybe you or a loved one has become ill. Perhaps your job is impacted or your savings have been wiped out by market volatility. The entire world […]

First, Focus on Yourself

What leading a team taught me about self-centricity. We’ve all boarded an airline to hear the flight attendant rattle on about the safety protocols. Seat belts, emergency exits, etc. You know the drill. I typically hop on Twitter, but there’s always one message that snaps my attention back to the attendant: “If you are traveling […]

Learning Fast & Deep

Ignorant to Intelligent in 4 Steps I learned how to learn when I was 20 years old. It wasn’t in school, despite what my student debt implies. It occurred when I was tasked with starting a sales team that would sell beer software to bars, restaurants, and breweries. Before this opportunity popped up, I was […]