Episode 5: Tribe

In this episode of Beanie & Blazer Radio, Brandon presents his perspective on the make-up of a tribe. Pulling from personal and professional experience, both Brandon and Erik discuss their tribes, what they wish they knew earlier, and pitfalls of not trusting your gut.  Show Notes 0:00 React & Riff 1:20 Definition of a tribe […]


The foundational 5 C’s of interpersonal connection. Gifted communicators have a leg up in the professional world. Their beliefs and opinions resound, while their more subtle counterparts never get the attention of organizational influencers. For some, it’s intuitive and comes naturally, while others struggle to find the right words to say or how to say […]

Episode 4: Burn Out

In this episode, Erik and Brandon bring light to burn-out. Burn-out is the sneaky feeling of exhaustion, frustration, and unhappiness that builds up after long periods of high-production. We talk about the all-important burn-out triggers and how to mitigate the symptoms before they dominate your life.  References Flow Research Collective Maslach’s 6 burn-out triggers Alpha […]


Learning to request, receive, and implement critical feedback. Self-reflection and a desire for feedback are core attributes of a coachable person. Coachability is a person’s ability to seek, understand, and integrate feedback to improve their performance. To seek feedback is to proactively ask for it from a credible person (like a coach or manager). To […]

The Art of the Feedback Loop

Proactive communication as a growth engine Immediate feedback is a primary vehicle for learning. Remember learning about the Skinner Box in school? Operant conditioning, popularized by BF Skinner, is “a method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior.”  The rat is trained to press a lever to receive positive reinforcement (food) and […]

Episode 3: Sleep

In this episode, Brandon & Erik are sleep-talking. Sleep is absolutely non-negotiable for people who want to experience success and longevity, so why is it one of the first things sacrificed when folks get busy? Learn about naps, REM cycles, melatonin production, and more in this week’s episode. Show Notes 2:05 Why sleep is fundamental […]


The make-up and benefits of a tribe.

Episode 1: Boundaries

In the first episode of Beanie & Blazer Radio, Brandon and Erik go deep on boundaries. Setting and maintaining strong boundaries is critical on the path to high-performance. In this episode, we cover professional and personal boundaries, strong vs. weak boundaries, attachment theory, and much much more. Show Notes 1:05 What are boundaries? 5:16 Setting […]